Bouncing Souls – Todds Song tab

Band: Bouncing Souls
Song: Todd's Song
Album: Anchors Away

Riff 1:e------2h3-2-0-------0-----0--|B------------------3---2h3----|G--------------2-2------------| x4D--(0)------------------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
Verse 1: D G A D I grab into a six-pack and raise a can D G A D To another fallen friend D G A The news came on the phone today D G A Did you know you were not alone? Chorus: G A Riff 1 x2 I'll see you when we all come home... Verse 2: D G A D With a heart so big that you can't hide D G A D You took the path of a slow suicide D G A And all those feelings that you had D G A They killed you from the inside Chorus, Riff 1 x4 Verse 3: D G A D With a heart so big that you can't hide D G A D And all those feelings you can't keep inside D G A I can't say that I don't understand D G A I know you tried... Chorus, Riff x4 That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me: Go to my band's site:
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