Bouncing Souls – Day I Turned My Back On You tab

Band: Bouncing Souls
Song: The Day I Turned My Back on You
Album: Anchors Away

'= play open version of chord
~= ring out chord

Chords: G' C2' D' Em'e--3--3---2--0--|B--3--3---3--0--|G--0--0---2--0--|D--0--2---0--2--|A--2--3------2--|E--3---------0--|
Intro: G'~ C2'~ G'~ I created this thing in my mind, G'~ C2'~ D'~ Lookin' at it now I don't see why G'~ C2'~ G'~ Em'~ I threw away everything I had C2'~ D'~ G' And greener pastures is just a lie Verse 1: G C G I realize all these things and now it's too late G C D I guess that's part of the price I gotta pay G C G G/F# E I betrayed myself when I betrayed you... Chorus: C D G I threw my life away C D G The day I turned my back on you
Solo 1:e-----------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------|D--5--5-5-4-2-0---------------------------------------|A----------------3-2--3-3-3--3-3-3-3-2-0--2-0---------|E---------------------------------------------3--2-3--|
Verse 2: G C G I turned and I ran away, C D I turned and ran away from the truth G C G E The truth in everything C D G Everything we used to do Bridge: C D G I never had reason to doubt you C D G I love everything about you C D G G/F#-E If I could just take it back I would... Chorus
Solo 2:e-----------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------|D--5--5-5-4-2-0---------------------------------------|A----------------3-2--3-3-3--3-3-3-3-2-0--2-0---------|E---------------------------------------------3--2-3--|
Verse 3: G C G Believing my own lies, C D I lost myself and I lost everything G C G G/F#-E If I could just take it back I would... Chorus G,C,G-G/F#-E,C,D,G That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests email me: Go to my band's site:
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