Bowie David – Black Country Rock tab

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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 11:49:00 -0400
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Black Country Rock          David Bowie      The Man Who Sold The 
World     1970

This is one of the best Bowie songs there is (although I say that 
about most 
of his songs, so that just goes to show how good his music is).
I don't know those beginning arpeggios, but if anyone knows, please 
mail me 
and let me know (or post them here if like)

1st riffe-------------------------------B-------------------------------G-------------------------------D----------------4-2h0---2--/X\-A----------0--2-----------------E-0---3-------------------------
2nd riff Ee--------------------B-7^(9)r(7)-5-5~~/---G------------6-------D--------------------A--------------------E--------------------
E (2nd riff) (Pack a pack horse...) G (2nd riff) (Black country...) A (2nd riff) (You never know...) (1st riff) Black country rock E G (Some crazy) A D (But you may...another point of view)
E G A(But if it's...hazy...leave my friend) D( with fond adieu)e--------------------------------------------------------B-7-7-7h9--7-5---5-/7-10----7-7-7h9--7-5------0-3p2p0-3--G-------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
repeat the riff about 4 times Key: ^()-bend up to the number in brackets h -hammer-on ()h-fast hammer-on p -pull-off / -slide up \ -slide down ~ -wiggle yer fingers Transcribed by Alexander Torres Corrections, comments, questions, more Bowie tabs ->
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