Bowie David - Janine tab

(intro) Em9  C  Em9  C

She's sitting on the corner of her bed
In a small rented room in Montreal 
Am               C
Long curly hair, hands between her knees 

With her head hung down 

She hasn't said a word since morning 
I don't understand 
She usually talks like a little bird 
  C                            G
Today she hasn't made a sound

                  D   Am             C          G
Janine,    Janine,      talk to me,     Janine

Don't even know if she's listening to me 
I might be talking to myself hopelessly 
            Am                    C
While she looks right through me 

Like I'm not even here 

If only there were something I could say 
To make her believe it's going to be okay 
And there's just no way 
       C                        G
She'll ever have to live alone

                 D     Am                C          G
Janine,    Janine,       believe in me,     Janine   
                      D         Am7      C          G
Oh Janine,  Ooh Janine   believe in me,     Janine

(SOLO) A   E   Bm   D   A

Janine, don't you see that it doesn't really matter 
What anybody says, what anybody does 
I'll still love you 
I'll still love you 

And if the world's getting harder and harder 
To understand 

And you need a hand 
I'll be there when you need me 
I'm going to be there when you need me

      A           E           Bm          D       A
Janine,    Janine,     you're not alone,    Janine 
      A           E          Bm          D        A
Janine,  Oh Janine    you're not alone,    Janine 

End Solo) A    E    Bm   D   A
 A    E    Bm   D   A (Fade Out)
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