Bowling For Soup – Hit Me Baby One More Time Acoustic tab

	     Bowling For Soup - Hit Me Baby (One More Time) (acoustic)
Tabbed by: Sozes Flying V
Tab based on this video:

Tuning: Standard

Chord structure is mostly improvised, but this is really fun to play, and the
verse template can be changed in the same vein as the intro if you want.

Chords used

F# Bm G# Am B A#/Bbm G6/9 C#/Dbm Dm Em F#/Dbm Fm G A A/Fe|---2----2----4----0---x----1------0------4-----5---7----9-----8---3--5---0---|B|---2----3----4----1---4----2------0------5-----6---8----10----9---3--5---2---|G|---3----4----5----2---4----3------0------6-----7---9----11----10--4--6---3---|D|---4----4----6----2---4----3------0------6-----7---9----11----10--5--7---3---|A|---4----2----6----0---2----2------0------4-----5---7----9-----8---5--7---0---|E|---2----x----4----x---x----x------0------x-----x---x----x-----x---3--5---x---|
Intro F# G6/9 Bm G# Am B Bm A#/Bbm Bm C#/Dbm Dm Em F#/Dbm Fm Bm (then mute chords) Verse Bm F# G# Am B Repeat as required Same for bridge Chorus F# Bm G# Am (mute chords) B Repeat as required The above section repeats itself, then there's the middle eight which is just Bm and F# Bridge comes around again, play it normally the first half and then it goes G A G A/F# The next chorus also changes F# Bm G# Am B G G# G The outro chorus is the same as the earlier choruses Any comments/ corrections/ ratings, I'm glad to hear them!
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