Bowling For Soup – You And Me tab

You and Me

You and Me--------------------------------------------------|e-------5---5-------------------------------------|b-----5---8---8-5---------------------------------|g-5-7-------------7-5-5-7-5-----------------------|d-------------------------------------------------|a-------------------------------------------------|e-------------------------------------- x 2-------|
C G F All I needed was an answer C G F I didn't ask for nothin more C G F and she said, "just leave your jacket at the door" C G and we were locked inside F again it started here we go if you can help me let me know. C G F So she asked if I could stay there C G F and I say we've been through this before C G F and she said, "just tell me, what do you expect here?" C G and we were locked inside F again it started here we go you can hold my hand, but (chorus) C G Don't go back on me D F C Just remember that it's gonna be alright G F and you'll see we can have it all C G D F Can't you see that I'm right here waiting, looking back at you G G F YOU and me, we've got nothing to lose. Oh yeah! C G F So she wraps me up inside her C G F and I knew we should not get that far C G F
and she said, "just close your eyes and say you love me"C G Fand we were locked inside, again..........e------------------------|b------------------------|g------------------------|d-------0-0-0-2-2-2-3----|a-3-3-3------------------|e------------------------|
C G F All I need to kill the pain C G F is for someone else to blame C G F and I've waited my whole life C G F I try to run but I can't hide
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