Bowling For Soup – Belgium Acoustic tab ver. 2

This is my first tab, if you see any mistakes message me ^_^

Bowling For Soup

Drunk Enough To Dance

Belgium (Acoustic)

Tempo: about 170


Guitar 1

G D Dsus4 C D Dsus4e|3-------3---3-3-|2-2-----2-2-3-3-|0-------0---0-0-|2-2-----2-2-3-3-|B|3-------3---3-3-|3-3-----3-3-3-3-|1-------1---1-1-|3-3-----3-3-3-3-|G|0-------0---0-0-|2-2-----2-2-2-2-|0-------0---0-0-|2-2-----2-2-2-2-|D|0-------0---0-0-|0-0-----0-0-0-0-|2-------2---2-2-|0-0-----0-0-0-0-| X2A|2-------2---2-2-|----------------|3-------3---3-3-|----------------|E|3-------3---3-3-|----------------|----------------|----------------|
Guitar 2
e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|B|----------------|----------------|12------12--1212|----------------|G|12------12--1212|1111----11--12--|----------------|1111----11--12--|D|----------------|----------------|9-------9---9-9-|----------------| X2A|10------10--1010|9-9-----9---10--|----------------|9-9-----9---10--|E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|( I know this isn’t 100% right, but this is how I play it and I think it sounds cool like this)
Verse (All Chords) Both Guitars G D Lately I feel so small C D G Or maybe its just that my bed has grown D C I never noticed it before, but you were there D So how was I to know Bridge (All Chords) Both Guitars A C That this single bed G D Was always meant for two A C Not just anyone G D It was meant for, me and you (When they play the D chord in the bridge, one of them plays this):
Chorus (All Chords) Both Guitars G D C Now you're halfway 'round the world D G And I'm just a day behind D C Nothing seems to fill the hole D G That I have since you left my side D C You'll always be my little girl D G Though I cant hold you tonight D C And now you're halfway 'round the world D And I'm just a day behind REPEAT INTRO VERSE 2 – The same as verse one, but with diff lyrics REPEAT BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT INTRO Verse 3 Guitar 1 – Repeat Verse 1 Guitar 2
(I think it is this but I’m not 100% sure) G D C De|3---------------|2---------------|0---------------|2---------------|B|3-------3-------|3-------3-------|1-------1-------|3-------3-------|G|0---------0---0-|2---------2---2-|0---------0---0-|2---------2---2-|D|0-----------0---|0-----------0---|2-----------2---|0-----------0---|A|2---------------|----------------|3---------------|----------------|E|3---------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
REPEAT CHORUS But when you play it this time, the chords are played differently – listen for pattern. REPEAT INTRO X 4 Outro Both Guitars
*let last chord ring ---e|33333-----------|B|33333-----------|G|00000-----------|D|00000-----------|A|22222-----------|E|33333-----------|
Verse 2 Lyrics I wake up in the night And turn around to find that you're not there I just like to watch you sleep--lay by you I love to feel you near I think I'm going crazy Every day confusion starts to grow I never noticed it before But you were there so how was I to know
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