Bowling For Soup – Turbulence chords

It isn't 100% percent accurate as there are several chords changes (short ones) 
that I chose not to include such that those lesser experienced ones can follow. 
Perhaps someone would be able to come up with a more detailed one :)

Standard Tuning

Tabbed by : #jos
Drop me a mail if you seen any major hiccups and I'll credit you :)

[Verse 1]


Bm GIt's so hard to figure out
Em AWhich way to turn
Bm GThere's no going back now
Em AAll your bridges burned
Bm AThe stars are gonna shine on you
G Em AIf you can get through the day
Em Storm clouds all around you
A But a blue skies on the way.
G D AAnd we're all just passengers tonight
G D AAnd we're all just traveling through our lives
GWe will reach our destination
BmSo just hang on for the ride
ESay a prayer and close your eyes
G (once)It's just a little turbulence.
D G [Verse 2]
Bm GTake a look around you
Em ALook how far you've come
Bm GYour whole life in front of you
Em A You've only just begun
Bm A We've all got our problems
G Em ABut they're just bumps in the road
EmIf you only keep on fighting
AThere's no where you can't go.
Chorus once [Bridge]
AThis life can be so crazy
DCan spin out of control
G ABut I hope that all your dreams come true
GCause you know that you're amazing
DAnd no matter where you go
EmI'll be there for you
A We can make it through.
Repeat Chorus twice
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