Bowling For Soup – Other Girls tab

This is my first tab, I'm trying to learn to train my ear so
Thought looking at the requests page would be a good start.
 It may not be perfect but It seems to work pretty well.

Introe|---------------------------]B|---------------------------]G|------44444-666666---------]D|44444-44444-666666---------]A|44444-22222-444444---------] E|22222---------------------] X25th of each chord is a fast upstroke.
Verse (It only takes a minute)e|-----------------------------------]B|--------------------666666666------]G|----------444444444-444444444------]D|444444444-444444444-444444444------]A|444444444-222222222----------------] E|222222222-------------------------](very fast)
Move on to the next little drama queen...e|----------]B|----------]G|----------]D|444444444-]A|444444444-] E|222222222-] ************ P.M
The rest pretty much follows the same pattern.
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