Bowling For Soup - Valentino tab

                          Valentino - Bowling for soup
Artist: Bowling for soup
Song title: Valentino
Off the alblum: Let's do it for Johnny.
Standard tunning: EADGBe
Tabbed by: Their website
Tabbed improved by: Zero is great man

Choard diagram E A B C# De|---------------|B|---------------|G|----2--4--6--7-|D|-2--2--4--6--7-|A|-2--0--2--4--5-|E|-0-------------|
A She got a valentine from Gary, D E I opened it up it said, "Would you please be mine." A I gave her flowers and some candy D E She opened them up and said, "You're trying to make me fat." (now) A D I just want a new girlfriend, A D I just want someone to make me laugh, A D I just want a new girlfriend, A D I just want someone to laugh at me, B B not to smart, not to tall, D A likes to watch TV and play basketball, A I baught a car and let her drive it , D E She opened the door and said, "Oh bother, this is red." A I gave her all my notes from algebra, D E She opened em up and said, "I can't believe you're so stupid."
e|------------------------------------|B|-----5-7-5-7-5------5---5-5---------|G|-6--------------6-----4-----7-6-6-4-|D|---7--------------7-----------------|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------| X 2
B C# D E B C# D E A D E I won't ever make her wash my car, NO!, D E I won't ever take a walk, not unless she's there., A - D Oh,oh,oh,oh! ================================================================================
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