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Date: 13 Apr 98 18:14:03 -0700
From: "Parker Lord" 
Subject: b/box_set/

# A Little Colder, Performed by Box Set
# Transcribed by Parker Lord
# Comments to:
{t:A Little Colder}
{st: Box Set}

[C] [Am] [G] 3 times

[C]Once a poet laid the [Am]world within his [G]hands
He'd [C]been around a time or two [Am]thought he'd under[G]stand
[C]Once a woman felt the [Am]burning of a [G]man
She [C]laid him in her cross hairs and [Am]started home a[G]gain
Where the [F]bottles sit half empty
Next to [C]suicide and [G]sin
Their [Am]hearts a little darker by de[D]sign

[G]I'm not [Em]crazy 'bout the [C]world
I'm not [Am]crazy 'bout my[G]self
I run a[Em]round an open [C]book
Making [Am]time for someone [G]else
I lay my [Em]consciense on the [C]line
And I can make the [Am]world a little colder if I [D]try.

[C]Once a levee lost the [Am]might for standing [G]strong
[C]Shattered under pressure that [Am]water swept a[G]long
[C]Once the poet found his [Am]inspiration [G]gone
He [C]grabbed the wheel with both his hands just to [Am]keep him holding
To the [F]bottle in the bedroom
And the [C]promise in the [G]dawn
His [Am]blood a little thicker over [D]time


[C] Every [D]evening with my back against the [C]wall
Powerless to [D]persecute, powerless to [C]call
As the poet [D]grappled for the meaning of it [C]all
He [Am]rose a little wiser from the [D]dust

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