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Date: 13 Apr 98 18:15:34 -0700
From: "Parker Lord" 
Subject: b/box_set/

# HBWA, Performed by Box Set
# Transcribed by Parker Lord
# Comments to:
{st:Box Set}

Capo 1

[G]I'm a son of [Am]blue shirt wage
A [C]soldier of rock and [G]steel
Father worked an [Am]iron hand
And [C]mother taught me well how to [G]feel

At seventeen the [A]boy is free
Headed [C]west in a Chevro[G]let
Expectations over[Am]blown
And a [C]mouth full of something to [G]say

[D]There's a woman [C]waiting for me [G]there
[D]With blue jeans on and [C]roses in her [G]hair
A [D]touch of gold to [C]pacify my [G]blue
I might not be a [D]dancer, but I'll [C]keep in step with [Am]you

[G]She's as young as [Am]rising sun
As [C]cool as an evening [G]breeze
She's got music [Am]in her blood
And a [C]heart full of harmony's [G]needs

She's the soul of [Am]self control
As [C]warm as the summer [G]sky
She's an angel [Am]when it's right
a [C]bitch when she's being de[G]nied

[D]Out in the [C]back of some [G]cafe
We'll [D]hold the night a [C]million miles [G]away
And [D]wrap our hearts a[C]round one point of [G]view
I might not be an [D]author, but I'll [C]write the book on [G]you

[D]She'll be the [C]lyric in my [G]song
[D]A touch of soul to [C]keep me turning [G]on
The [D]pinnacle of [C]all I'll hold as [G]true
I might just be a [D]dreamer, but I'll [C]fall in love with [G]you
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