Boy And Bear – Big Man chords ver. 2

this is just a fix to the tab by mitch peters, got most of it right but i think a 
couple of the chords are wrong. most cred goes to him.

awesome song, amazing band!

Intro: E

EWell I bit on my lip, and I kicked at my toes
ENo, I don't need your lecture cause your lecture won't show
C#m A EThat you told me so I told you so
EBut I would have managed, I would have been fine
EI'd do it myself and I'd do it just my way,
C#m A EI'm a big man for thinking just so.
A EBut somebody told me that your mother was born
A EOh a wandering woman with a spirit so sworn of the riverside
A B C#m AAnd it never surprised me but it meant that my love was immobilized
B C#m AWell, it meant that my love was immobilized
D A ECause when it comes, it comes when it does.
EBut you came in the middle and you fell in my hands
EOh a, wonderful woman and an average man.
C#m A ESee that makes me the lucky man
EI won't be deserving, but I won't be denied
ESee, I fell in this position, I will still teach my kids pride
C#m A EBecause failure's a part of it all
C#m A E And if failure don't hurt then failure don't work at all
A EBut somebody told me, our nephew was born
A EOh, a beautiful baby, so smart and so sure of his little self
A B C#m A And in a wonderful way he was making me feel so small
B C#m A Was making me feel so small,
B C#m AWas making me feel so small.
D A EAnd I don't think I've felt this before.
C#m A E C#m AIn all the reasons to come, well they override my body and,
E C#m A EI point to the sun, cause where it's warm is where the wilderness grows
C#m And it grows, and it grows 'till it all becomes nothing
A EAnd nothing is left as you know.
C#m A E(We walked it for a thousand years, with broken eyes and salted ears
C#m A EComplaining 'bout the weather like we ever had a choice.
C#m A E Through all the noise and self abuse, you waited for your fill of truth
C#m A E Oh I'm terrified I'll achieve nothing at all.)
outro: C#m, A, E x2 I tried to put all the chords directly above the lyrics where it changes, but when you submit it like double spaces everything so some might not be exact. sox boz. sounds pretty 100% to me. thanks to mitch peters again for putting in the hard yards!
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