Boyce Avenue - Better In Time chords

hope you like its my first time... rate please ^^
A C#mIt's been the longest winter without you
F#m-E DI didn't know where to turn to
A C#mSee somehow I can't forget you
F#m-E DAfter all that we've been through
AGoing coming thought I heard a knock
C#mWho's there no one
F#m-EThinking that I deserve it
DNow I realize that I really didn't know
AIf you didn't notice you mean everything
C#mQuickly I'm learning to love again
F#m-E D(one strum)All I know is I'mma be ok
AThought I couldn't live without you
C#m F#m-EIt's gonna hurt when it heals too
DIt'll all get better in time
AEven though I really love you
C#m F#m-EI'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
DIt'll all get better in time
(chords are the same just repeat the timing ^^ hope you like it)
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