Boyce Avenue - Everything You Want chords

Hi! this tab is fairly accurate and easy to play :) enjoy

sorry about the tunning but it might sound o.k. in standard

Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Verse chords (in order played) Am = 002210 Em = 022000 B/c# = 020030 C = 032010 Just hammer on the Am chord and the Em chord and just strum the rest. Chorus Chords (in order played) Am = 002210 G = 320033 Em7 = 022033 D = xx0232 Dsus4= xx0233 D = xx0232 sorry i didn't give you lyrics or strumming patterns but i mixed a couple of tabs together and this is what i got. its perfect for me good luck and hope you enjoyed.
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