Boyd Tinsley - Its Alright chords

Standard tuning

intro: strum D

Boyd plays violin here

verse: doesnt change throughout the song

D AmCan I tell you all that you are to me, girl?
G DYoure really something And I give all my love to you
D AmI dont know if you feel as much as I do
G DAll I know is you're the one for me
DAlways and forever
Chorus: Doesnt change throughout the song
D AmI wanna tell you I love you
C G And its all right
D AmCan you see how I feel when Im near you?
C G Cause its all right
D AmIll be the one to come hold you
C G Cause its all right
Am C G D I will always be with you
This is pretty much the whole song, the interlude/solo are a little different. It ends just strumming D. It sounds better if you play the song with power chords. Pretty simple song, enjoy
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