Boys Like Girls – Someone Like You chords

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Boys Like Girls - Somone Like You

Intro: F…..|……|Bb..…|……

FI'm wearing thin
BbI couldn't tell you the city I'm in
The streets and the buildings
FAnd places I've been
BbOr when the stars go when it's daylight again
Or where the time went
C Bb Oh, who can save me now?
F My life in the rearview
BbI'm runnin' from Jesus
Dm C BbDon't know where I'm going to
FI got nothin' to lose
BbI'm fightin' my demons
Dm C BbBeen lookin' for someone like you
Dm C BbI've been lookin' for someone like you
FSo sing me a song I know all the words to
BbAnd I'll sing along
Could you be my savior?
FI've been out here too long
BbAnd I've just been lookin' for somewhere to belong
Barely holdin' on
C BbSo can you save me now?
Dm BbWhen the stars explode
Dm BbAnd I'm all alone
DmWhen they start to see the smoke
BbWhen I finally burn out
Dm BbI'll need someone to carry me home
Safe and sound Chorus x2
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