Boys Like Girls - Chemicals Collide chords

I love this song .... like a lot. Hope this is right. :D
- Cara L. 

Verse 1: 

CI got a couple addictions
GBut I swear that I'm coming clean
AmI got a new way of thinking
FYeah your bringing out the best of me
CI got a bit of a history
GBut your telling me that you don't care
AmI've been a bit of a mystery
FBut the only thing that I could find to wear tonight
AmWas you
GSo come on come on you want to
C GShut your eyes, feel the chemicals collide
Am FYou and I tonight, your the sugar in my high
C GShut your eyes, feel the chemicals collide
A,Stars and satellites
FSpinning round and round on the night you saved my life
Verse 2: (Second Verse same as the first :P ) I got a couple of problems A thousand puzzles running through my head But I think that you can stop them Your always just one step ahead I've had a couple of heart breaks But your telling me that it's alright Cause all the others were mistakes Yeah I think its time I've finally got it right With you So come on, come on you want to (Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
Am FWhen the morning is breaking
CAnd your heart is shaken up
GRemember how it feels right now
Am FWhen your lost in the moment
CThe sky is exploding
GJust keep on floating
(Repeat Chorus)
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