Boys Like Girls - Great Escape Acoustic tab version 2

m r p r i r p r i r p r m r p rC|------12-------12-------12-------12---| Legend:Index Finger = iG|----12--12---12--12---12--12---12--12-| Middle Finger= mE|--------------------------------------| Ring Finger = rC|-12~-------11~------9~----------------| Pinky = PG|-----------------------------12~------|C|--------------------------------------|
There are a couple of variations to this intro this is the one I use becuase it is the easiest for me. I'd hold my pinky and my ring finger on the twelves upon the C & G strings, then i'd use my middle finger on the twelve of thethe C string lower note. and the twleve on the lower G. Also my index finger on the eleven and nine of the C. Second Variation: the only thing that is differnt on the second one is the lower notes the top twelves on the higher strings are the same. What ever works for you. (I recomend Variation 1.)
The intro section can be heard throughout the whole song. I am working on the little high string sections throught the songs. Thanks guys/girls i hope this is a big help. PS this is one of my first tabs. XD ENJoY!!
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