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Boys Like Girls – Go tab

This is the outro/solo portion of the song. Couldn't find any tabs for it so I tried
tabbing it myself. This is my first tab too. It's not %100, but it's close. If anyone feels
like helping me finish it, send me email at Robertgunterguitarist@gmail.com and I'll 
make the changes as soon as I can.

Tuning: EADGBe
 Capo 2nd Fret

  Tab Key:
   b1= Whole step bend
   br= quickly bend and release
    h= hammer on
    p= pull off
    /= slide to indicated fret
    ~= let note ring
eI-------------------------------------------------------|I BI-------------------------------------------------------|I GI----------14br-p12---14~------14--------14br-h12-------|I DI---12h14--------------------------12-14----------14----|I AI-------------------------------------------------------|I EI-------------------------------------------------------|I
eI-------------------------------------------------------|I BI------------------------15-----------------------------|I GI-14br-p12----12-14/16-------16--14--------12-----------|I DI----------14------------------------14p12--------------|I AI-------------------------------------------------------|I EI-------------------------------------------------------|I
If you need to transpose this song to lower key, remove your capo and play the song in relation to the frets. i.e. instead of playing the 12th fret you play the 11th or 10th depending on the position of the Capo (or lack of). Enjoy. And agian, if you have suggestions please email me at Robertgunterguitarist@gmail.com
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