Boys – Stop Stop Stop tab

The Boys - Stop Stop Stop

Riff 1e:--2-------2-----|b:------1-------1-|g:----2-------2---| 6x (Rhythm guitar wih D7-Breaks)d:0-------0-------|a:----------------|e:----------------|
Verse Rhythm guitar:e:2---2---2---2---|b:1---1---1---1---|g:2---2---2---2---|d:0---0---0---0---|a:----------------|e:----------------|
Guitar 1 with shuffled Dead Notes D7 + Dead Notes See the girl with cymbals on her fingers Entering through the door Ruby glistening from her navel Shimmering round the floor D7 + Riff 1 Bells on feet go ting-a-ling-a-linging Going through my head Sweat is falling just-a like-a tear drop Running from her hair D7 + Dead Notes Now she dancing, going through the movements Swaying to and fro Body moving, bringing back a memory Thoughts of long ago D7 + Riff 1 Blood is rushing, temperature is rising Sweating from my brow Like a snake, her body fascinates me I can't look away now Chorus: G Stop, stop, stop all the dancing A Give me time to breathe G Stop, stop, stop all the dancing A Or I'll have to leave Riff 1 D7 + Dead Notes Now she's moving all around the tables Luring all in sight But I know that she cannot see me Hidden by the light D7 + Riff 1 Closer, closer she is getting nearer Soon she'll be in reach As I enter into a spotlight She stands lost for speech Chorus Intro
Solo (8 bars):e:--------------------------------------------|b:--------------------------------------------|g:5---4-----4-54545b-5---5---4-----4----------|d:------7----------------------7------7b7b7---| 2xa:--------------------------------------------|e:--------------------------------------------|
Chorus Riff 1 D7 + Dead Notes Now I hold her, people are staring Don't know what to think And we struggle, knocking over tables Spilling all the drinks D7 + Riff 1 Can't they understand that I want her Happens every week Heavy hand upon my collar Throws me in the street Chords: D7: --0212 or -57575 G: 355433 A: 577655
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