Bracket – Warrens Song Part 4 tab

Bracket - Warren's Song Part 4
Tabbed By Robbeknol (
This song uses 2 guitars, they both play the same things, except in the Intro

*Tuning*  Important!

I think the actual tuning should be down 1 whole step (D-G-C-F-B-D)
since the D5 in Riff 3 sounds very low, but I've written this tab
for standart tuning: E-A-D-G-B-E

Chords used:

e5 E5 A5 D5 G5 B5 F#5 F Bb Ebe|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-----9-------7-------4--------10-------8---|D|-2---9---7---7---5---4----4---10---8---8---|A|-2---7---7---5---5---2----4---8----8---6---|E|-0-------5-------3--------2--------6-------|
---------- Intro ---------- Guitar 1 (4x Riff 1) Then Guitar 2 plays the solo, while Guitar 1 plays the riffs (above the tab) Note: Use your left hand to mute the string after you've hit them, just lift your hand so that the sounds doesn't ring. ~ means to let ring, don't mute after you hit the chord. Riff 1: Riff 2:
D5 A5 D5 A5 e5 A5e|------------------------- e|-------------------------|B|------------------------- B|-------------------------|G|-7~7-7---7-7------------- G|-2~2---2-2---------------|D|-7~7-7-7-7-7------------- D|-2~2-2-2-2---------------|A|-5~5-5-7-5-5------------- A|-0~0-2-0-0---------------|E|-------5----------------- E|-----0-------------------|
Riff 3:
G5 D5 G5e|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|-------7------------------|D|-5~5-5-7-5-5--------------|A|-5~5-5-5-5-5--------------|E|-3~3-3---3-3--------------|
Solo: (~ Means let ring)
(Riff 1) (Riff 2)e|--------5-10~---9-10-12-10-9-10-------9~-------------9~---8-9-10-9-8-9--------------|B|-7~-6-7-------------------------8-10------8~--7-8-10--------------------8-10-7~-----|G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Riff 1) (Riff 3) (Riff 1) (Riff 3) D Ae|--------5-10~---9-10-12-10-9-10-9-8-7~--7~------7-----------------------------------|B|-7~-6-7------------------------------------8-10---10~----8-7-8-7-5-3-5-2-3------2-3-|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------2-4------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
---------- Bridge: ---------- Riff 1 (4x) ---------- Verse 1 ---------- Note: Where it says G here, it actually is Riff 3, but in standart tuning this sounds crappy so just play G instead of Riff 3. (Riff 1) (Riff 2) Warren says don't spread lies G D A (Riff 1) The children outside think that they know the truth, it's not right (Riff 2) He don't have alibis G D A G (start strumming) The stories they've told have stripped him from his youth, he asks why A G No one cares how I feel anymore A B B B B I'm wondering what I'm living for ---------- Chorus ---------- D A Warren says he doesn't care G A D But when the sun hits his face you can see the sadness in his eyes A No one said life is fair G A B When all the rumors circulate of incest, it's all lies --------- Bridge --------- B F# D And when he breaks down and starts to cry A B They all laugh at him F# D He wants to crawl away and die E E E E There's nowhere to go ---------- Bridge ---------- Note: This is played FAST people, and I mean FAST Tempo goes waaaayyyyyyy up here! F Bb D G F Bb D G ---------- Middle8 ---------- F Bb He wants to kill someone D G But he knows it's not right F Bb His life is so pathetic D Eb He's not to blame F Bb They all spit on him and D G try to get him to fight F Bb He tries to call out for help D Eb But no one came D F ---------- Chorus ---------- D A Warren says he doesn't care G A D But when the sun hits his face you can see the sadness in his eyes A No one said life is fair G A G (Let ring) D (Let Ring) When all the rumors circulate of incest, he asks why??
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