Brad Paisley - Oh Love chords version 2

-Here's an easier version of the song Oh Love ft. Carrie Underwood

-For beginners that don't know how or can't make a bar chord (Uses a capo instead)

-This is a great song! I hope you enjoy! :D

***Capo 3rd fret***

Am F Am F Am F Am F   

C GStrong like a mother holds her child
Em F GFree as horses running wild
C GAnd real as a prayer on a lonely night
Em FAnd sure as the ocean tide
AmOh love
FOh love
C GAll the many colors that youíre made of
AmYou heel
FYou bleed
C GYouíre the simple truth and youíre the biggest mystery
Am FOh love
Am FOh love
C GDeep as the life from Godís own breath
Em FEndless even after death
G AmGone like the sunset
F GYou can break a heart in pieces
F GPut it back together again
F GYou can break down sweet forgiveness
F GYou're the one that never ends
Am G FOh love
C F Gmmmmm
Am G Foooohhh
C F G [chorus]
Am F Am FHey yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (X3)
Tab by cchurch416
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