Brad Paisley - Love Her Like Shes Leavin chords

	 Love Her Like She's Leavin' - Brad Paisley feat. Don Henley
Tabbed by: Austin811

Tuning: Standard 


G2 355433
C2 335553
C  x32010
G  320033
Am x02210
Gsus4 355533


C GWe cut the cake, everybody danced
Amand some people drank too much
C GYou looked like the cover of Brides magazine
Amand I looked like some guy in the tux
CI'll never forget
Gwhen your Uncle Bill
Ampulled up a chair and sat down
FHe said son I've been married now
G2 45 years and he pointed at you through the crowd
And said [Chorus]
C2 FLove her like she's leaving
C2 G2Like it's all going to end if you don't
C2 FLove her like she's leaving
C2 COh and I guarantee she won't
CHe said it's sending her flowers
Gfor no reason at all
Amand notes on the fridge every day
FAn unexpected gift at an unexpected time,
Gthat keep the lawyers away
C GIt's easy to take forever for granted
Amwith tin cans tied to your car
FI know she tells you that she'll always be there
Gbut I'm telling you if you're smart
You'll [Chorus]
Gsus4 CShe could have any man she wants you know it's true
Gsus4 GBest way to keep her is to keep her wanting you
Solo: C G F C G [Chorus] end on C Thanks! Comments/questions feel free to message me on my page or email me
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