Brad Paisley - Me Neither tab

"Me Neither"
Brad Paisley

Transcribed by Jeremy L. Tharp (
March 10, 2001


e --15-------------------------------------|B ----17r15-13-----------------------------|G -------------------------14b16-16r14-12--|D -----------------------------------------|A -----------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------| (May be an octave lower, just subtract 12)
e --------------------------------------------------8--|B -----------------------------------------------------|G ---------------0-------0-----------5---7---5---7/9---|D ---------0-2p0---0h2p0---------5h7---5---5---5-------|A ----0-1p2----------------5h6h7-----------------------|E --2b3------------------------------------------------|
C Darlin' I've been standing here just watchin you all night G and I think I even caught you watchin me a couple times If I don't ask I'll never know This may sound dumb but here we go G7 Do you believe in love at first sight? Chorus: F Me neither (1) I'm glad that we agree C believe me (2) that's a big relief G This place is awful crowded and this music is so loud G7 would you like to go and grab a bite to eat? C Me neither ... (Lick)
e --11----3------------------------------------------|B ----------0h4--------------------------------------|G -----12/5-----0h3-------------------------0h2-0----|D ------------------4-0h1h2-------------0h1----------|A --------------------------3-0-1h2-0h3-----------3--|E ---------------------------------------------------| It's ... C... nice to finally meet a girl who doesn't move too fast GI was only checkin' that's the reason that I asked
relationships need time to grow you and I should take this slow G7 darlin' tell me would you like to dance Chorus: F Me neither (1) I's just bein polite C Thank goodness (2) my feet are much too tired G I'm sure you're tired too I can see an empty booth G7 Would you like to maybe sit and talk a while Chorus: F Me neither (1) We'd never get along C I'm thinkin' (2) there's no chemistry at all G this has been a waste of time and I'm runnin out of lines G7 don't you think it's time for me to end this song? (Pause 1 measure) F Me neither ... (solo) e -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B ------4-6b8-8-8r6-4-----6---4--------------------------------------------------------------------- G ----3---------------5-3---5---5-3-----3---------------------------0-2h0-5-0-3-0-2h3p2p0----------- D --3-------------------------------4h5---5-4-3---2---1---0-----0h2-----------------------3-2p0----- A ----------------------------------------------3---3---3---1-3--------------------------------3/7-- E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Not real sure about this part because the steel covers it up)
e ---------------------------------------|B ---------------------------------------|G --5-----6-------7-------8---------10/--|D --------------7-------8--------10------| Piano, Fiddle, Steel, PianoA ----6/7---7/8-----8/9-----9/12---------|E ---------------------------------------|
AWWW HERE WE GO e --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B --3-2-1-----6-6/4---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G --------4b5-------5p4h5-5/4-3p2---3p2---2-------------------------------------------------------5-- D --------------------------------3-----3---3/1-0-----0-------------------------5---5b7-5-----5-7---- A ------------------------------------------------2h3---3/2-1-0-------3-5p3-5b7---3-------5h7-------- E --------------------------------------------------------------3-1/5--------------------------------
e ----------------------------------------------------------|B ----------------------------------------------------------|G -------------------12/10----------------------------------|D --7/10----12b13-10-------13-10-10----8---10p8-------------| Piano,
Fiddle, Piano, Steel, PianoA -------10-------------------------10---6------7-----------|E ---------------------------------------------------3b5p1--| (This part sounds way off when you listen to the song at full speed, but when youslow it down it's spot on.)
AWWW YEAH e ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B ---------------------------------------------------------10----8-10-8--------------------------- G --8-------5-8-------5-8-------5-8-----------------5-7/10----10--------10-9p8-7-7/5-------------- D ----5h6h7-----5h6h7-----5h6h7-----5h6h7-6-5---5h6----------------------------------5-7---------- A --------------------------------------------5------------------------------------------5h7p5---- E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8-- (Guess?)
e -------------|B -------------|G -------------|D -------------|A -------------|E --8-8-8-8-8--| (Palm muted) ... Chicken pick & slide on low E ... ad lib a little
Now that I have completed my life's work ... Yes there are some spots where a hammer is a slide or he might play some parts on a different string, but these notes are as accurate as they're gonna get ... Some parts may be iffy ... if anyone finds a blatant error just let me know -- nobody's perfect :) Oh yeah ... and if you can ever actually play this, ENJOY! Chords: Chorus Licks:
F C G G7 (1) (2)e --1---0---3---1-- e --8-----------------------------|B --1---1---0---0-- B ----10r8-6---------8p5-8--------|G --2---0---0---0-- G -------------------------9r7-5--|D --3---2---0---0-- D --------------------------------|A --3---3---2---2-- A --------------------------------|E --1-------3---3-- E --------------------------------|
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