Brad Paisley - If Love Was A Plane tab

Brad Paisely
If love was a plane
5th Gear

Tabbed by Patrick Tarnowski

This means (*)
 C G A Em if you dont want to pick notes at parts


Intro and First Verse Fadd3 e---3-3-----3-3-----3-3-\3-h5p3-------1|b---3-3-----3-3-----3-3-\3-h5p3----5--3|g-5-----5-4-----4-3--------------3----2|d-------------------------------------3|a--------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------|
Ce----------------0----------------------|b------4p3-------1----------------------| x4g----------\5--1-0-------0--------------|d--3-------------2---0h2---0------------|a----------------3-3---------3---0-2----|E------------------------------3--------|
Shes 98 pounds working down at the Dairy Queen. With an oval-vee home perm, and braces. and He's long haired, no job and just 19 They got a baby on the way. They're off to the races C Em A# Am
e-----0---0----------------1-|b-----1---0----3-----------2-|g-----0---0----3-----------2-| d-----2---2----3-------------|a-----3---2------------------|E----------------------------| in love. Look at em' go.
e----1-----------0------------3-----------------------|b----1-----------1------------------------------------|g----2-----------0------------------------------------| d----3-----------2------------------------------------|a----------------3------------2---(*)-3-----0--2------|E-----------------------------3----------3------------| Now what in the world can go wrong? Don't tell them the
C Em A# Am F
e-----0---0-------------------------1----| b-----1---0----3--------------------2----| g-----0---0----3--------------------2----| d-----2---2----3-------------------------| a-----3---2------------------------------| E----------------------------------------| odds, It's best they don't know. F C G C
e|---1--------------0------------3--------0| b|---1--------------1---------------------1| g|---2--------------0---------------------0| d|---3--------------2---------------------2| a|------------------3------------2--------3| E|-------------------------------3---------| If Love was a plane, Nobody get on.
Chords for Verses C Em A# Am F C G
e-----0---0--------1-----1---0--3-----------------| b-----1---0----3---2-----1---1--------------------| g-----0---0----3---2-----2---0--------------------| d-----2---2----3---------3---2--------------------| a-----3---2------------------3--2---(*)-3-----0--2| E-------------------------------3----------3------|
Verse 2 At the Ivey at lunchtime, in Beverly Hills, The paparazzis are gathered outside. 'cause an actor and actress are havin' lunch. And according extra and entertainment. Chorus Tonight they're in Love, Now look at em' go, Now what in the world can go wrong? Don't tell them the odds, It's best they don't know. If love was a plane, Nobody get on. Verse 3 Imagine now, the pilots voice, on the intercom right before we leave the ground. sayin, folks thanks for flyin with us, but theres a 6 in 10 chance we're goin' down. Verse 4 But, that's the strangest thing about this emotion, even knowin', our chances are small. We line up, at the gate with our tickets, Thinkin' somehow we're different, I mean, after all... Chorus 2 We're in Love. Look at us go, Now what in the world can go wrong? To hell with the odds, we'd rather not know, If love was a plane, Nobody get on. Yeah, If love was a plane, Nobody get on ------------------------------------------------- Thanks Hope you enjoy this I know I did This is my favorite song on Brads new cd 5th Gear Patrick Tarnowski Myspace Page if you wanna check me out girls :)
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