Brad Paisley - All I Wanted Was A Car tab

                                             All I Wanted was a Car
                                       By Brad Paisley from 5th Gear album

                                       Tabbed and Transcribed by fenderman07

                                            Standard Tuning (EADGBE)

Now this little solo diddly part i couldn't really get, but i believe i got the first notes in the beginning
|-------|-------------------------------------||-------|o-----------------------------------o||-------|--------------------3----------------| x4|-------|-----3--3--------3--3----------------||-x-11/-|o----3--3-0-1/2--1-----0-2b-0-1b(2)-o||-x-----|---1--1------------------------------|
Then it goes on into the song... x- muted strings /- slide to shown note h- hammer on b- bend (to note if shown)
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