Brad Paisley - Make A Mistake tab

			     MAKE A MISTAKE - Brad Paisley

Tabbed by: bobcats#5


Tuning: Standard

C     =   x32010                           Abdim     =   4x343x
Am    =   xx7555 or x02210                 Fm/B      =   x23111
C9    =   x32333                           F         =   133211
Ddim  =   x5676x                           Fmaj7     =   133210
G/B   =   x2000x                           E7        =   022130
A     =   SEE TAB                          Gm        =   SEE TAB
Fm    =   SEE TAB                          ?1        =   xxx350
?2    =   xx302x                           ?3        =   x4302x

INTRO (see seperate intro tab)

C       Abdim        Am       Fm/B    Am        C9       F
You overthink things you say, what if we're not meant to be?
Ddim     Am  Abdim  Am
You know what? So   what!
Fmaj7               G/B
Make a mistake with me.

C       Abdim       Am        Fm/B     Am         C9     F
Nobody goes through this life and does everything perfectly.
Ddim             Am   Abdim            Am
 We're all gonna fail, so you might as well,
Fmaj7          G/B  C
Make a mistake with me.

E7             Am
Sometimes baby, when we take
E7                Am
 A chance that has this much at stake.

 We look back and in hindsight,
Am          Gm          Fm        Abdim
What seemed wrong looks more like right.

C        Abdim      Am        Fm/B      Am      C9       F
So I say worst case, we'll be left with lots of good memories.
Ddim           Am   Abdim           Am
This chance we have, well its worth that.
   Fmaj7          G/B  C
So make a mistake with me.
Ddim        Am   Abdim          Am
I'm tellin' you, right thing to do,
   F         C   G/B F         ?1   ?2 
Is make a mistake,   make a mistake,
F              G/B  ?3
Make a mistake with me.

Spoken: Whoops, help me out....



     A                    Am    Gm   Fm   Abdim

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