Bragg Billy – Love Gets Dangerous tab

Love Gets Dangerous - Billy Bragg
trans: (Gil McErlane)

Either play the open bass continually or
in a pinch style.

Tempo - as per mood!!


riff 1

riff 2
riff 3
riff 4
riff 5
D----------------------A----16--16--16-11----- I think (could be 12)E----0---0---0--0------
riff 6 (yes 6!)
Right! Briefly: riff 1 Love of a Woman riff 2 Fear of the phone riff 3 secret of a happy home (guessing here) riff 4 I've never been so scared riff4 I never knew you cared riff 5 (x3) riff 6 riff 4 Love Gets Dangerous Start again!! (with different words) Gil McErlane Physical Resources Team - M.I.S. University of Glasgow e-mail tel: 0141-307-8052 ** When a fellow says it ain't the money but the principle of the thing, it's the money. - Kin Hubbard **
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