Brand New - Be Gone tab

Yo whatup, huge BN fan, the new album daisy is pretty sweet, i reccomend picking it up!
this song has a really bitchin, eerie type blues feel.
couldnt stop listening to the new album and really wanted to tab this out. soooo check it!

Artist:Brand New
Album: Daisy
Song: Be Gone

So first thing ur gonna do is match the sound of ur top string to the 9th
 fret. if u do it to the 7th fret it should be D and when you tune it to
 the 9th fret i think its C. So you need to slap/pluck that open C before
 you start the riff..anyways check it out

Main Riff-eb |--------------------------------------------|Bb |----/8--------------------------------------|Gb |--------5-3h5p3----3------------------------|Db |---------------5-3---5----3h5p3-------------|Ab |--------------------------------6--3--------|Cb |-0---------------------0--------------------|
after the main riff i think u play finger pluck these creepy chords and then back into main riff.eb |--0---0---0---0/-----0--0--0--0\---0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0---------|Bb |--1---1---1---1/-----4--4--4--4\---1--1--1--1---4--4--4--4---------|Gb |-------------------------------------------------------------------|Db |-------------------------------------------------------------------|Ab |-3---3---3---3/-----6--6--6--6\---3--3--3--3---1--1--1--1----------|Cb |-0---0---0---0/-----0--0--0--0\---0--0--0--0--(0)(0)(0)(0)--0------|now back to the riff.
jesses got some weirdo effect on his voice during this whole song but the lyrics i THINK are: Its getting hard to stay up I think i can hear god calling my name He'll try to make my heart break But i was told you'd call me tonight Theyre calling my name They wont slow the car down Im scared that i will keep it for my own. The one that is calling my name is telling "come down" theyre calling my name Theyre calling me home calling my name calling my name. allllright well that should be pretty close.I know the main riff is perfect.
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