Brand New – Be Gone tab ver. 5

**Tuning: B A D Gb B E
I think this tuning is the best because you need the low B and the Gb makes it easier to play

main part e|--------------------------------------| b|---5/7-0------------------------------|gb|----------3h5p3p0---3v-0--------------| d|------------------2--------2h4p2p0----| a|-----------------------------------2~-| b|-0~----------------------0~-----------|
second part e|-----------------------------| b|-----------------------------|gb|-0-0--0-0-0-0--0-0-0-----0---| d|-4-4--4/7-7-7-\2-2-2-0-2---0-| a|-----------------------------| b|-----------------------------|
~ let ring v vibrato h hammer on p pull off
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