Brand New - Moshi Moshi Acoustic tab

Brand New
"Moshi Moshi" (acoustic)
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows Single

This is a fairly simple song originally from Brand New's split with
Safety in Numbers, reconstructed into an acoustic form that Jesse Lacey
played and recorded at a friend's birthday party. It was released in 2004
on The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows single, along with an acoustic
cover of Built to Spill's "Car" (also recorded the same day, if I recall

The song sounds best played with power chords for each chord listed
below, since Jesse tends to slide between them (such as A to Ab). It sounds
best if you play it all near the fifth fret, which is where most of the
song takes place. Note that the descending chord transitions should stay
that way: play the Ab, F#m, and Em lower than the A (and therefore
rooted on the E string) during those parts. Just listen to the song,
and it's really easy (and logical) to figure out.

The verses follow the same structure each time, but Jesse fits many lyrics
into a single chord, so it just looks like the second verse is longer --
it's not, it's the same duration as the first. The chorus is played
twice, and each time it is identical, so I only included it once. The
song concludes with what is basically a bridge.

A                        D
I think I'm crazy, baby, let you off the hook too easy
A                       D
If you were a telephone you'd still be off the hook
A                                        D
This is my last leg been awake for days in a minute I'll die of starvation
A                                               D
I'll come back a ghost, back and haunt you, and float around your room
          Bm              D   
What do I do when you get close? 
     Bm                       E
If I kiss your neck would you slit my throat?

        D           E              A       Ab      F#m      Em
Are you thinking of me when you're putting on your makeup, darling?
D               E             A
And dying your hair like you do?
             D            E              A      Ab   F#m       Em
Well, you're wasting your time if you're trying to impress me, I waste
D                E           A
All my time just thinking of you

And I'm not imagining how you give me the shivers
standing up to your waste in your river
You're the sweetest boat-builder
I think I've ever seen
Dream in Japanese, dream in Japanese
some language I don't even know how to speak
You're so pretty and I am still choked up
it's probably just the same
    Bm                  D  
The more I hang around you
    Bm             E
the more hangups I get


F#m   E                   D      F#m           E          A
    I know that you're an angel, but you could never stay true
D      E                   A    Ab    F#m
  Hey, angel, I think your halo has a screw lose 'cause you 
D                 E             A       Ab      F#m   
dropped me like a brick off the rooftop of your high school could I watch
D        E             A      Ab   F#m
the next time you're applying your eyeliner? I waste
D                E           A
all my time just thinking of you
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