Brand New - Untitled 01 tab

Band: Brand New
Song: [Untitled 01]
Album: [Demo]

Tuning: Standard
Capo: None

       G		   C
Well I wrote your name and burned it 
	   G		D
To see the color of the flame.
       Am		    C
And it burned out the whole spectrum 
      G        Em
As if you were everything. 
Mine just burned gold, 
A normal flame. 
  G	 Em
I am not anything. 

    G		 C
And all that I remember 
       G		 D
Is the feeling of waking up.
When we were kids,
	     C		     G		    Em
you were the sun to which my eyes would not adjust. 
When we were kids, 
	C		       G
I was a fountain and you could never drink enough. 

	  G		   C
Then came all the boys who swept you up, 
	G		   D
Playing careless with your heart 
	  Am		    C
And every night there was a new girl 
	G		Em
Sitting beside me in my car. 
	  Am		     C
Something dies when you grow older, 
	G		Em
But you do the best you can.
I am glad.
I am glad.
You found a good man.

NOTE: This is a really rough tab of this song. It's an easy one too. It took me no more
than 10 minutes get it. If you find anything that should be corrected, feel free to
comment them.
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