Brandi Carlile - Before It Breaks chords

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Brandi Carlile - Before It Breaks (Give Up The Ghost) Intro: Cm E A E A E A Verse 1:
Cm E A EAround here its the hardest time of the year
A E AWaking up the days are even gone
Cm E A EWill the collar of my coat Lord help me killing off the cold
A E AWill the rain drops sting my eyes or keep them closed
Cm EBut I'm feeling no pain
B A E A only the lonley my quietest friend
E BHave I the moonlight Have I let you in
A ESay it ani't so, say I'm happy again
Cm B E A E ASay it's over, say I'm dreaming, say I'm better than you left me
E ASay you're sorry I can take it
Cm B E A E ASay you'll wait, say you won't, say you love me say you don't
E A E A E AI can make my own mistakes, Let it bend before it breaks
Verse 2:
Cm E A EI'm alright, don't I always seem to be
A E BAren't I swinging on the stars, don't I wear'em on my sleeves
Cm E B Cm ABut when your looking for a crossroad, It happens every day
A E B EAnd whicheverway you turn, I'm gonna turn the other way
Chorus: Solo Chorus:
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