Brandon Flowers - Playing With Fire chords version 2

Brandon Flowers
Playing With Fire
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Key: G

Chords used:
Em -   022000
C -    x32010
D -    xx0232
Am -   x02210
B7 -   x21202
D/F# - 2x023x
Bm -   x24432
G/B -  x2x003

Intro: Em--C--D--Am-B7- x4

Verse 1:
EmDaddy I'm not going
to say I'm sorry
CThere ain't nothing you
can do to change my mind
DI'm not here to know the
things I can not do
AmWe've seen the outcome of
B7the boys who didn't fly
EmThat road outside that'll
you've been taking home forever
Cthat'll be the same road
I take when I depart
DThose charcoal veins that hold
this chosen land together
Ammay twist and turn but somewhere
B7deep there is a heart
Em Playing with Fire
You know you're going
Cto hurt somebody tonight
DWhen you're out on a wire
Am B7you know you're playing with fire
Verse 2:
Emperhaps this calling is
the channel of invention.
CI will not blush if others
see it as a crime
DHowever dangerous the
road however distant
AmThese things won't compromise
B7the will of the design
EmTen thousand demons hammer
down with every foot step
CTen thousand angels rush the
wind against my back
DThis church of mine may not
be recognized by stepol
Amthat doesn't mean that I
B7will walk without a god
Drolling river of truth
can you spare me a sip?
EmThe holy fountain of youth
has been reduced to a drip
CI've got this burning belief
Gin salvation in love
Cthis notion may be naive
Gbut when push comes to shove
D/F# DI will till this ground
Bridge: You know you're gonna
C G C Ghurt somebody tonight.
D--Out on a wire
Verse 3:
C G/B I might not get there
CThis little town
this little house
G/Bthey seem to be leaning
Em Bm Din the wrong direction
Am I'm not afraid of you no more
Guitar Solo : C---D---Am-B7, Em--C--D--A-B7 x2 (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Em--C--D--A-B7 x2, Em(hold)
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