Brandon Heath - Trust You chords version 2

I can't walk without watching where I'm going
I can't speak without knowing what to say
I can't love and have any hesitation
Cause I know that you don't work that way
Em D C GI can't reach without something to offer
I can't come now I am so ashamed I can't hold out from you any longer Cause I know that you don't work that way
Em G D CI'm not gonna fight you anymore
Not gonna try to lock the door You took your life and gave me yours There's no reason why I shouldn't trust you with mine
Em D C GIt's never easy changing my direction
It's so unnatural to loosen up my grip Are you growing weary of all my good intentions Cause I know that You don't work that way Chorus[Repeat Intro] Some days This wait upon my shoulder Is my shame I know I should know better Cause you say That I must now surrender There's no other way Tabbbed By FreezieMcD
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