Brandon Heath - Steady Now chords

Capo 1st fret

D                    A

There's an air everywhere
D AOf inconsideration and despair
D I don't consider you
AAnd you don't consider me
DAnd it's well understood
AWe don't care
D EYou know we don't have to wait until the end of the night
D EJust to say that something's wrong and maybe nobody's right
D We're all victims in a battle
EWe never had to fight
DIt's ok it's alright
Steady now
Awe're in this thing together
D AWe're in this together
D AI regret that I forget
D AConfessions always seem to stay unsaid
D AAnd maybe I worry that you'll forsake me
DUse my shame as a weapon
AAnd go on and break me
B A Cause I want to take the time to say
E DI'm sorry I haven't loved you the way I should
B ADo you think that you could forgive me
E DJust try to hear me
D I I I need you with me now
Chorus 4x
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