He Paid It All chords with lyrics by Brandon Heath - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Brandon Heath – He Paid It All chords

 this is my first tab and i'm pretty sure most of its right- it all sounds good 
when played with the CD 
corrections and comments appreciated

intro- Am C

Am C My Lord, what shall I give him today
Am C He wants my heart, more than he asks for my wage
Am C One day I'll die, but it won't be my last day
Am C When I look in his eyes, I'll know that I did okay
Am C My Lord, what shall I sing him for now
Am C A song full of praise, from a mouth full of doubt
Am C I lift up my face, and I sing out loud
Am C With all my mistakes, I still make him proud
Am He paid it all for me
C(7) Carried that cross for you
Em On that rugged walk, He knew
C What he had to do
Am Opened his arms up wide
C Invited the world inside
Am One final breathe
Em He conquered death
C(7) C For me and for you
Am C My lord, where would he want me to go
Am C Just across town, or a place where I don't know a soul
Am C Just tell me where, and I'll hit the road
Am C With no time to spare, and no heavy load
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