Brandon Setta – Miss Perfect chords

This is a song by Brandon Setta
It's taken from the Title Fight / Brandon Setta split (Brandon did the 1st 3 songs, 
Jamie Rhoden did the last 3)

Capo 1st fret

C AmYou look so pretty in your sleep
Am DmTell me, are you dreaming of me?
Dm G7 COr do you dream about the way that things used to be?
C AmIt never was this bad
Am Dm G7And I was good at more than just always making you sad
AmI know I told you that
EIf you'd just stay with me
Fthings would be fine
G7 C C/BUntil the end of time
Am EBut you know there's no such thing
F G7 CAs a promise ring that doesn't lose it's shine
End Fill: Ce|---------------------0----------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------1----------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------0----------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------2----------------------------------------------------|A|-----------0-2-0-3---3----------------------------------------------------|E|-----0-1-3-----------x----------------------------------------------------|
This is pretty much a perfect tab I think, but if there are mistakes feel free to message them and I'll change as needed :) Enjoy!
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