Brantley Gilbert – Them Boys chords

For this song, play the C chord as a Cadd9 and Em as Em7.  That's the way Brantley plays it

Intro: G, Cadd9, Em7, Cadd9

Verse 1:
(G) Look at them boys in the back of that truck
(Cadd9) Somebody oughta jerk a knot in their butts
Out (Em7) ridin around like they own this town
(Cadd9) Racket turned all the way up
(G) It's too early for school to let out
(D/F#) The pastor's boy just threw his cigarette out
(Em7) Sure hope there ain't beer in them cups
(Cadd9) The all-star quarter backs turning them up

(G) Yeah them boys don't know one thing about life
(Cadd9) True love and trouble, stuggles and strides
(Em7) They think it's all just fun and games
(Cadd9) Like laws and rules are balls and chains
(G) Treat little girls like hearts don't break
(Cadd9) Treatin old men like hands don't shake
(Em7) I pray it's just a phase, they're goin through
Oh but (Em7) what (D/F#) are we gonna (Cadd9) do with them boys

Verse 2:
(G) I heard ol' Frank's grandson got caught
(Cadd9) With a case full of beer at Smith-boy's barn
(Em7) Yall didn't hear all of this from me
(Cadd9) But I heard he got it with a fake ID

Chorus again

Instrumental is the intro once again

(Em7) Lookin back on the times we've shared,
(Cadd9) Rockin and roll in these rockin chairs
(G) The same ones our granddaddy's sat (D/F#) in
Now this (Em7) old wood stone in this hardware store
(Cadd9) Talkin gossip, weather and war
(G) And how much trouble we were (D/F#) in
Oh you can (Em7) bet they (D/F#) said it back (Cadd9) then

Chorus one more time

Outro is the chorus twice more with Brantley tagging lines like "Them boys

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