Brantley Gilbert – Country Must Be Country Wide chords

firguring out this rythym is easy.
DI grew up south of the Mason Dixon
Cadd9Workin' spittin' huntin' and fishin'
G DStone cold country by the grace of God
DI was gasin' up the other day
Cadd9And an ol' boy pulled up with a license plate
G DFrom Ohio I thought of good lord he's lost
Cadd9 GFrom his wranglers to his boots
Cadd9 DHe reminded me of Chris LeDoux
Cadd9 GAnd that Copenhagen smile
Cadd9Country must be country wide
DIn every state
Cadd9There's a station
GPlayin' Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon
D Cadd9 GIn foreign cars and four wheel drives
D Cadd9There's cowboys and hillbillies
GFrom farm towns to big cities
Cadd9 GThere ain't no doubt in my mind
Country must be country wide
DIt ain't where
It's how you live
Cadd9We weren't raised to take
We were raised to give
GThe shirt off our back
To anyone in need
DWe bow our heads before we eat
Cadd9Before we start our day
Before we fall asleep
G'Cause in god we trust and we believe
Cadd9 GAnd we see what's wrong
Cadd9 DAnd we know what's right
Cadd9 GAnd ol' Hank he said it all
Cadd9When he said country folks can survive
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