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Brantley Gilbert – Picture On The Dashboard chords

Picture on the Dashboard
Brantley Gilbert
Tabbed by Jake Keele

Intro: Cadd9 G Cadd9 D Em7

Verse 1:

Cadd9 GYou ain't nothin' like you're memory, Atleast it hang's around
Cadd9 D Em7And that old photograph you gave me Well i can't bare to lay it down
Cadd9 GAnd when this bottles empty, girl im gonna paint this town
Cadd9 GYeah, after all we're said and done.
Em7 DWell, I don't have one good reason, you should turn and come back home
G Cadd9 DOr the right to blame you, girl i don't have much at all
Cadd9 GI still got your picture taped to the dashboard
Cadd9 GOn the mantle right by the front door
Em7 DYou said if you leave you'd never come back
Cadd9Well baby i don't believe but thats where im at
Cadd9 GIts all of the wrong times all of the right things
Cadd9 GIn my right mind to say things i dont mean
Em7 D Cadd9But baby thats me and its way to late
Cadd9 G Cadd9 GI still got your picture on the dashboard
Verse 2:
G DAnd I ain't like I used to be
Em7 Cadd9Tough as hell and hard to please
G D Em7 Cadd9But you came along and this ole boy hit his knee
G DAnd the day was too much without you
Em7 Cadd9Yeah my life revolved around you
G D Em7 Cadd9And you dropped a stone down on my heart
Em7And now I can't move on
DCause we danced to all our songs
Cadd9 DUp to midnight all alone
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
Em7 DWhen I'm driving down this old backroad way to fast I'll never know
Em7 Cadd9 DGirl, I can't look down cause I'll see your eyes right next to 65
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G D
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