Brantley Gilbert – My Kind Of Crazy chords ver. 3


Seen a lot of versions of this tab that were all slightly off.  There is a huge 
difference between D and D/F# that I don’t think some people realize.  Anyways, 
this was my first tab and how you guys liked it.

NOTE: The progression in the prechorus and last part of the chorus can be played 
“C2 G/B C2 D” OR “C2 G/B Am7 D” depending on your taste.

She says  
G D/F# Em7 D"Look baby I'm a rock star", Grabs my old guitar
G D/F# Em7 D Playin' it upside down, Dancin' around in front of our tv
G D/F# Em7 DI can't see the ballgame So I just wave my lighter and say
G D/F# Em7 DYeah, rock on baby I'd rather watch you anyway
C2But when you're done can I come backstage
G/BAnd get you to sign your name
C2 On that zeppelin shirt of mine you're wearin'
DI'll never wash that thing again
G DAnd she's my kinda crazy, the little games she plays
C2 G Lord they'll never get old
DShe's too cute to get on my last nerve
C2 G DThe way she throws her little fits pokin' out her lip
C2And bitin' mine when we kiss
G/BThere ain't a fight that she can't win
C2 DThat's my baby and she's my kinda crazy
-Verse 2-
G D/F# Em7 DYou ought to see her in my pickup she's gotta have that radio up
G D/F# Em7 DBless her heart, she can't sit still head in my lap, bare feet on the windshield
C2 G/bSays, C'mon baby let me drive
C2Now honey it's a stick shift
DRemember what you did last time Oh...
-Chorus- -Bridge-
C2 D She never lets me rest she keeps me up all night
C2 DKnown to roll me off the bed, steal the covers from my side
C2 D Am7But I hear wake up sleepy head and I open up my eyes
DAnd it's all worth the while
-Chorus- -Outro- G D/F# Em7 D
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