Brazzaville – Xanax 3 Hrs Of Tv chords

Intro: Am D x4

Verse 1

Am D In this land of plenty
Am D What happened to our dreams
Am D Can't even find a mangosteen
Am D
Am D Can't find an e.e. cummings
Am D Or a Martin Luther King
Am D Just online porn & SUVs
Am D Chorus
Em Am I don't care much anymore
D The world seems sad and lonely
Em AmI lay down on the floor
DAnd try to sleep
Em AmAnd dream about the days
D When life was more than
Em Am DJust a Xanax and 3 hrs of TV
Verse 2
Am D Where are all the grandmas
Am D The Mark Twains & the Beats
Am D What happened to our make believe
Am D
Am D The smell of toast on Sundays
Am D Or falling space debris
Am D The freighters slowly cross the sea
Am D Chorus I don't care much anymore... etc. La la la la la la (chords like in chorus)
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