Bread – If chords

IF	-	Bread

picking on strings: e+D - B - G - e - B - G - e - D

 A* - E7 - Em7 - Dadd9/E - Dadd9m - A - Dm - E7

A* E7 If a picture paints a thousand words,
Em7 Dadd9/E Then why can't I paint you,
Dmadd9/E A The words will never show,
Dm E7 The you I've come to know,
A* E7 If a face could launch a thousand ships,
Em7 Dadd9/E Then where am I to go,
Dmadd9/E A There's no one home but you,
Dm E7 You're all thats left me too,
F#m * Amaj7/F A/E D6/E And when my love for life is running dry,
Em F# Bm7/E E7* You come and pour your- self on me.
A* E7 If a man could be two places at one
Em7 Dadd9/E time, I'd be with you,
Dmadd9/E A To- morrow and to- day,
Dm E7 Be- side you all the way.
A* E7 If the world should stop re- volving,
Em7 Dadd9/E Spinning slowly down to die,
Dmadd9/E A I'd spend the end with you,
Dm E7 And when the world was through,
F#m* Amaj7/F A/E D6/E Then one by one, the stars would all go out,
Em F# Bm7/E E7** Then you and I, would simply fly a-
A* Dsus2 - Dm6 - A* way //
A* xx7600 E7 xx6400 Em7 xx5400 Dadd9/E xx4230 Dmadd9/E xx3230 A xx2220 Dm xx0231 E7 xx0130 F#m* xx4222 Amaj7/F xx3224 A/E xx2225 D6/E xx0202 Em xx2000 F# xx4322 Bm7/E xx4432 E7* xx2130 E7** xx2134 A* x02220 Dsus2 xx0230 Dm6 xx0201 chords found using powertab freeware
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