Bread – Hooked On You chords

Bbsus4     Bb  F#6     F#/Bb     F#6/Bb


Bbsus4 BbBaby if you only knew
Bbsus4 BbEverything I need I get from you
Bbsus4 BbI'll never let you out of sight
Eb EbmI need you through the day and night, baby
Bbsus4 BbAlways there to see me through
F F6 BbDarlin' don't you know I'm hooked on you
Bbsus4 Bb F#6 F#/Bb F#6/Bb
Bbsus4 BbHabits I've had before
Bbsus4 BbBut never came back so much for more
Bbsus4 BbI need your lovin' every day
Eb EbmI couldn't live without it, no way
Bbsus4 BbAnd everybody knows it's true
F F6 BbEverybody knows I'm hooked on you
Cm7 FWell I've never been dependin'
Cm7 FAnd never thought I would
Cm7 FOh but now I find that I don't mind
Cm7 FThe change is for the good
Cm7 FSo don't be feelin' sorry,
F#/Eb FFor the freedom that I lost
Eb Bb/D'cause I found out what I'm missin',
Cm7 FAnd I'm glad to pay the cost
Bbsus4 BbNow that I've tasted you
Bbsus4 BbI know nobody else will ever do
Bbsus4 BbI'm glad that I can say you're mine
Eb EbmI love ya 'cause your sugar's so fine
Bbsus4 BbAnd no one else'll ever do
F F6 Gm7There's nothin' like bein' hooked on you
Bbsus4 BbI know you gonna see me through
F F6 BbBaby that's a why I'm hooked on you
C7 Bbsus4 Bb9 F#6 Bb
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