Bread – Belonging chords

BELONGING       -       Bread

Intro: e|---7-7----7--/---5-5----5--/---5-5---5--/---3-3----3--/B|---8-8----8--/---5-5----5--/---4-4---4--/---3-3----3--/G|0-------0----/0-------0----/0------0----/0-------0----/D|-------------/-------------/------------/-------------/A|-------------/-------------/------------/-------------/E|-------------/-------------/------------/-------------/
G A/G I wanted love so very bad
Aº/G Gi that I could almost taste it
G A/G And so I gave mine all to you
Aº/G Gi And hoped you would not waste it
C Gmaj7/B I laid awake the whole night long
Cadd9 Cadd2 Cadd9 Dsus4 D And won - de - red was I wrong
G A/G But when you woke and touched my face
Aº/G Gi I knew that I be - longed
Gii A7 Be - longing to some - one I find
Cm Cº/G Gii is very ne - ces - sary
G7 A7i The load is lighter on your mind
Cm Gii When someone helps to carry
C Gmaj7/B And even though I'm strong enough
Cadd9 Cadd2 Dsus4 D To make it on my own
G A7ii I would not even care to try
Cm/A G To live my life a - lone
Break: Cadd2 - (Cadd9) - Gmaj7/B - Am7 - D7sus4 - Giii - G - B - D - Cadd2 - (Cadd9) - Gmaj7/B - Am7 - Ci - Dsus4 - D
G A/G For if I lived my life alone
Aº/G Gi With no one to be - long to
G A7ii There'd be no one to pledge my heart
Cm/A G Or sing my song of love to
C Gmaj7/B My melodies would soon dry up
Cadd9 Cadd2 Cadd9 Dsus2 D And the words would leave me too
G A7ii It all would come to pass if I
Cm/A G Could not belong to you
G A/G I wanted love so very bad
Esus4/G Gi that I could almost taste it
G A7ii And when I gave mine all to you
Cm/A G I knew you would not waste it //
G x10x787 A/G xx5655
Aº/G xx5545Gi xx5433
C x32010 Gmaj7/B x20032 Cadd9 x3203x Cadd2 x32030 Dsus4 xx0233 D xx0232 Gii 355433 A7 x02023 Cº/G xx5542
G7 353463A7i 57565x
A7ii xx7989 Cm/A xx7888 Am7 x02013
D7sus4 xx0213Giii 320003
G 3xxxxx B x2xxxx
D xx0xxxCi x32013
Dsus2 xx0230
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