Breahna Dasal – Gonna Go tab

Gonna Go
by Breahna Dasal

Tabbed by Breahna Dasal

G               D
You said I was always there 
    Em                           Cadd9  
and I was the only one who ever truly care
G             D       Em   
  where were you when I was the one
Who needed someone to talk to 
Em                        A  
and I'm tired of looking around 
Em            cadd9         
and you're nowhere to be found


 G                          D
I'm gonna go far away from here
Em                             Cadd9     
You won't have to see me cry another tear
G                      D
I'm gonna go out on my own 
Em                                       Cadd9
You can't tell me I'm too young for my problems anymore 
I'm gonna go

G D Em Cadd9

G                               D
You said family was and always will be 
Em                  cadd9 
your one and only top priority
G                      D
Then why are we the ones
Em                    Cadd9
Who find you to hard to ever be around
Em                 D
Leaving mighht be wrong
Em                             Cadd9
But I know your gonna miss me when I'm gone


Em                  D
You can say All you want 
Em                            Cadd9
to try to get me to stay but I won't

Chorus x2

No chord
I'm gonna Go
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