Breaking Benjamin – Dear Agony chords ver. 3

Hi there!
I saw that a capo is needed to play the other chord-tabs, 
so I wanted to make a tab without any need of a capo!
OK, here is a list of chords, 
but be aware of that there is variations of them, 
and it's up to you which to use, 
but I'm just going to show the ones without two digit fret numbers, 
since then it would look a bit confusing.
These are the main chords of the song, 
and you can do fine with just them (:
D# Cm G# A#(x68886) (x35543) (466544) (688566)
And if you like, you can use these as well:
Ddim Gm Fm(x5676x) (355333) (133111)
Also, if you didn't know, this song is in the key of D# (major) and you can use the scale to play the singing too!
[Just hold the D# chord while playing this]e|--------6--------|B|-----------------|G|----8--------8---|D|---------------8-| 9xA|--6---6----6-----|E|-----------------|
Verse 1:
D# I have nothing left to give,
Cm I have found the perfect end,
G# You remain to make it hurt,
A# Dissapear into the dirt,
D# Carry me to heavens arms,
Cm Fm D# Light the way and let me go,
Fm Take the time to take my breath,
D# I will end where I began,
A# G# A# And I will find the enemy within,
D# A# G# A# Cause I can feel it crawl beneath my skin,
Fm Gm Dear agony
Fm Gm Just let go of me
Fm D# Suffer slowly
Fm Is this the way it's gotta be?
Ddim D# Dear agony
[intro riff] Verse 2:
D# Suddenly the lights go out,
Cm Let forever drag me down,
G# I will fight for one last breath,
A# D# I will fight until the end,
A# G# A# And I will find the enemy within,
D# A# G# A# Cause I can feel it crawl beneath my skin,
[Chours] Verse 3:
D# Ddim Fm Leave me alone
D# Ddim Fm D# God let me go
Gm Fm G# I'm blue and cold
Gm Fm Ddim Cm Black sky will burn
D# Ddim Fm Love tore me down
D# Ddim Fm Hate lift me up
Gm Fm G# Just turn around
Gm Fm Ddim D# There's nothing left
Cm G# Somewhere far beyond this world
A# I feel nothing anymore
[Chours] [Intro riff four times]
D# I feel nothing anymore
---------------------------------- I hope you like it, and if you did, I'd appreciate a rating and comment as a return ^^ If there is anything you are want explaing or fixed, just leave a comment! Breaking Benjamin <3
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