Breaking Benjamin – Firefly chords

this is kinda my acoustic version for this awesome song.
I changed the riff cos the original version is in dropped-c and I put this in standard tuning.
you can also use power chords for it or whatever...enjoy!


D|----------------------------|----------------------------|A|-1-3--3--3-1-3--3--3-1-3--3-|-6-3--3--3-1-3--3--3-1-3----| 2xE|----------------------------|----------------------------|
Am GYou my friend / You're a lot like them
Em FBut I caught your lie / And you know I did
Am GNow I'm lost in you / Like I always do
Em FAnd I'd die to win / 'Cause I'm born to lose
C GFirefly / Could you shine your light
F G#5 (6x) A#5 (2x)Now I know your ways / 'cause they're just like mine
C GNow I'm justified / As I fall in line
F G#5 (6x)And it's hard to try / When you're open wide
Intro (1x) then Am
Am GTake my hand / We'll be off and then
Em FWe'll come back again / To a different land
Am GNow I like this way / You can go away
Em FIf you guess the name / You cannot replace
AmBring me your enemies
FLay them before me
Am G F Am G F
Am G FAnd walk away / walk away / WALK AWAY!!!
[Chorus] Fuck you firefly Have you lost your light Now I hate your ways 'cause they're just like mine So you lost my friend Such a sorry end And I don't know why So I choke and smile Intro (2x)
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